Why Ophtalma AI for Ophthalmologist?

Ophtalma’s AI for Eye to Save the World from Blindness

Eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) are rising rapidly worldwide. Early detection of eye diseases is getting harder due to the rising number of patients, fewer number of screening facilities and skilled technicians. It’s highly challenging for Ophthalmologist to cover large number of patients and ensure timely diagnosis and prognosis. This can prove to be fatal for the patients.

Ophtalma AI Solutions acts as a facilitator to the Ophthalmologists to streamline the screening process and assist them with early diagnosis and accurate prognosis. A smart AI tool, Ophtalma can quickly detect even the minutest anomalies of the eye, preventing any fatalities and vision deterioration.

How Ophtalma AI-Suite Works?

An advanced Artificial Intelligence Solution, Ophtalma is the perfect tool to facilitate the hospitals, medical and tele-medical professionals with smooth end-to-end diagnostic processin the field of Ophthalmology.

AI-Powered Diagnosis with High Accuracy

The eye can miss, but not Ophtalma AI!

Ophtalma’s systems apply complex Deep Learning and
Machine Learning algorithms for highly accurate
detection of anomalies and biomarkers in the eye.

Key Features

  • Multi-Device Support
  • Works Without Active Connectivity
  • Real-Time Data Processing
  • Adaptable for All Health Facilities
  • Simple, Streamlined & Transparent
  • High-end Security & Data Protection

Versatile Deployment

Physical or Virtual, Ophtalma AI is Flexible!

The Ophtalma AI Suite is one of the few solutions in the market to offer the option of Cloud, Edge, and Hybrid deployments. This versatility makes the solution ideal across many infrastructures with/without active Internet connectivity, including small tele-medicinal facilities, clinics, and large hospitals.

Ophtalma AI-Stick

A Forerunner in Plug & Play AI for Ophthalmology

Ophtalma offers and innovative Plug & Play AI solution, which sits in a compact USB-like device and features a powerful GPU. This easy to install solution can be used by the Ophthalmologists in facilities with connectivity and low bandwidth issues.

About Us

Ophtalma is aweb platform to assist Ophthalmologist for efficient imaging and diagnostic process. Developed by a Swiss group engaged in advanced Artificial Intelligence Solutions & Medical Software, Ophtalma is a comprehensive AI solution which applies the latest advancements in the fields of Ophthalmology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Bio-informatics, Mathematics, Physics, Genetics and Tissue Engineering. We accelerate transition to predictive and preventative healthcare with innovative, AI-driven diagnostic solutions.

Our Partners

Ophtalma has strategic partnerships with the government as well as corporate stakeholders to build robust AI solutions and enable smart hospitals, clinics, and Tele-medicine for eye care.

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